Good Food + Good Planning = Great

Kellie I

When Kellie Bogardus joined Silverback, she clearly stated her goal to lose one hundred pounds and have it stay off for good.  She explained that over the last decade, she had tried just about everything and had found the most success by eating delicious, real food in moderate amounts, that worked with her life.

I watched her work and work… dedicated to success.  She met her goals…. all one hundred of them and then some.  We spoke often about her process, her wins, and setbacks.  Over time I gained a deep appreciation, not only for her accomplishment but also her measured and thoughtful approach to CrossFit, eating and health.  She didn’t count macros; she completely redefined her relationship with food.

Our Silverback home is now in a place where we can now focus on your complete fitness: An abundant balance of mind, body and spirit so you can live a life you love.

We have tried a number of formats for getting you the best out of your nutrition, with hits and misses.  With a new program we needed to apply these hard-won lessons:

  • Nutrition is foundational in making the changes we want in our bodies and lives.
  • Nutrition requires a dedicated “specialty” coach and programming, just like lifting or gymnastics.
  • A nutrition coach needs to understand not only the numbers but also people.

Following months of in-depth discussion and over twenty hours of online training, I am excited and proud to welcome Kellie as our Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach.  I know she will provide the kind of caring and coaching and I am looking forward to Kellie sharing her experience, guidance and encouraging advice to help you.

This week we will roll out our various options to meet your particular need.

If you just can’t wait schedule a FREE 15-minute phone call or sit down to share your situation and see how she can help you or create a plan to help you reach your goals.

STRONG – Silverback Strong

Strength is the bedrock athletic ability. Silverback Strong is here to build and improve that foundation.

Please say the above like James Bond would introduce himself.

I am thrilled to announce the success of our first Silverback Specialty Course in our new facility.  All the participants in the six and twelve-week program

Significantly increased their strength capacity by

  • Shoring up unilateral shortfalls (that pesky left-right issue)
  • Improved positioning with significant work on midline stability and positioning
  • Maintained their other capacities with a couple of Group Classes as well as four days a week of dedicated strength.

Now for the NEW:

  • Level I:  Two six week sessions make a foundation of strength you need.  Smarter and faster than just “lifting heavier”.  You will work big weights in new ways with advanced techniques to address the week spots and negative tendencies that we all have. ($120 per session)
  • Level II:  After the six or twelve weeks at level one we are ready to add more Olympic Lifting technique and drills, honing our acceleration and power with the barbell and gymnastics. ($120)

Including NEW features:

    • Beginning and ending video and coach analysis
    • Workouts published a week at a time on a private track in Sugar WOD including the instruction videos and the ability to track progress
    • 3 Saturday Seminars –  A hour-long seminar on technique and movement for the major lifts with a singular focus for each class

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NEXT LEVEL 9-22 to 9-28



These workouts are listed in what we think is the ideal to match up with the Group CrossFit Class.  However, you can pick and choose them however you want.  They will be posted to SugarWOD on the days listed here.




5 Strict Ring Dips
:10s Static Inverted Row Hold
:15s Static Double Kettlebell Squat Hold
Rest 2:00
Accumulate 1:00 in an L-Sit
*Every break on the parallettes:
15 Banded Good Mornings
Given the percentages of the lifting ahead of this part of today’s training, we are purposely aiming to minimize the demand on the body in our finish here. This is intended to truly be a skill-based portion, despite the words “AMRAP” above. Instead, view it as a chance for seven minutes to practice these movements with incredible diligence towards technique. This will not be for a tracked score, but instead for quality movement.
On the strict ring dips, a band as necessary. We are looking for a difficulty that allows us to complete ~5 repetitions “unbroken”, when fresh. These may very well be five “quickly completed” singles, but it is not a set that takes us over 30 seconds when we are fresh. We don’t want to become “stuck” here, limiting our practice time on the other two movements.
On the static inverted row hold, this is done with a barbell in the rack. This movement can be banded as well, as we are looking for the range of motion and rigidity of the torso versus poor movement to make it through the duration.
On the kettlebell squats, this is a: 15s duration at the bottom of our squat with two kettlebells – one in each front rack position. The focus here is diligence in position. Always fight in these: 15s to gain a better position. Sit taller, engage our lower back more, drive our knees our further… always always, fight for a better position. Athlete’s choice on the loading, but each set should be completed unbroken. Free to build through weights inside the seven minutes.
On the second part (1:00 L-Sit), we can modify the difficulty here by bending the knees. The more we bend the knees, the shorter the lever becomes, and the more manageable it is. Let’s challenge ourselves here, but not to a point where we have completed sets at 10s or less. As written above, if/when we do break, compete 15 banded good mornings before returning back.

Back Squats
All sets are to be completed “On the 3:00”:
On the 0:00… 10 Reps @ 65% of Back Squat
On the 3:00… 8 Reps @ 70% of Back Squat
On the 6:00… 6 Reps @ 75% of Back Squat
On the 9:00… 4 Reps @ 80% of Back Squat
On the 12:00… 2 Reps @ 85% of Back Squat

On the 2:00 x 5 Rounds (10:00 Total):
5 Strict CTB Pull-Ups
15 GHD Sit-Ups
Time Remaining: Max Strict Handstand Pushups
Score here is one number – total strict handstand pushups across all five rounds. Just to add some clarity, on the 0:00, 2:00, 4:00, 6:00 and 8:00, we’ll complete 5 strict CTB pull-ups and 15 GHD sit-ups. Any time remaining is dedicated to accumulating strict handstand pushup repetitions. Post total below.

If we do not have strict CTB pull-ups, today is a great day to grab as small of a band as we need to complete what we estimate to be about 7-10 repetitions unbroken, when fresh. Although chin over is a great substitute here without a band, we are looking for that extra distance which often proves to be the most challenging for us. A theme in gymnastics moving forward for us will be to aim to modify the loading (which is our bodyweight), and preserve the range of motion – regardless of the movement.
If are working towards our first handstand pushup, completing these as pike pushups are a great way to accomplish the same means – modifying bodyweight, but preserving range of motion.

GHD Sit-Ups
Assault Bike Calories

Double if using an Ab-Mat

Practice – 10:00
Spend 10:00 practicing our handstand walk. Not for intensity, score, or anything tracked – purely practice.
If we are proficient on our hands in a straight line, challenge ourselves. Place obstacles down. Place turns, or elevation changes. Refine, and challenge, our current skillset. Although we will be programming handstand walking “workouts”, this is truly where we can improve our handstand walking ability. Much like learning the piano or guitar, it’s less about the shear volume, and more about the quality of the focused practice that makes the difference.
If we are working towards our first handstand walk, spend time strengthening either via handstand holds on the wall, wall walks, or pike hold off the box.

Inside of this effort, we are going to be visualizing splitting the distance up into 6 x 500 meter sections. We are rowing 3,000 meters in a straight shot, but it helps to visualize it in such a way given the below:
300m @ 2K Pace + 20s… 200m @ 2K Pace + 5s
300m @ 2K Pace + 20s… 200m @ 2K Pace + 4s
300m @ 2K Pace + 20s… 200m @ 2K Pace + 3s
300m @ 2K Pace + 20s… 200m @ 2K Pace + 2s
300m @ 2K Pace + 20s… 200m @ 2K Pace + 1s
300m @ 2K Pace + 20s… 200m @ 2K Pace
Talking through the flow, the first 300 meters of each 500m section is fixed at our 2K pace plus 20 seconds. The following 200 meters after each changes ever so slightly, moving from our 2K pace plus 5 seconds down to our 2K pace for our final effort.

Changes for the CF OPEN and GAMES

Everything we know so far…SOUNDS REALLY GOOD!

  • IN 2019 THERE WILL BE TWO CROSSFIT OPENS (Feb/March and October)
    • This will only be for 2019 as we transition to the new system with a longer competitive season with more events.
  • The OPEN and it’s five-week format will remain as-is  
  • Individuals can qualify for the games two ways
    • Win your country in the OPEN (Don’t move to Madagascar just yet)
    • Win a “Golden Ticket” at a qualifying event (Granite Games, WODapallooza) 16 in all.  The vision is one every two weeks from the OPEN to the GAMES with real media coverage (Fantasy CrossFit Draft Anyone?)
    • There will be an additional qualifier in Madison the week of the games to get the competition down to a top 20 (say goodbye to Heats 1 and 2)
    • No more “Regionals”.
  • Age divisions will remain the same with an online qualifier after the OPEN
    • Likely a smaller number will go to Madison for each Masters and Teen divisions
  • Teams can be made up of any two men and two women in the world (SUPER TEAMS)
    • Teams can only qualify at sanctioned events and not the OPEN

What does this all mean?  Coach Glassman has cut the expense and bureaucracy, pushed competition back down to the local level and created a CF “season” for more of us to enjoy more often.  I know many of these sanctioned events that for years have had to battle for recognition and relevance as the GAMES grew bigger and bigger. It’s great to see their hard work pay off and the spectacle and fun of competitive CF turned over to them.  We get two cracks at the OPEN nine months apart and we will be taking full advantage of that for both self-improvement and fun.

Programming to fit.

What kind of athlete are you?

Not all of us CrossFit for the same reasons or began thier journey of better health and capability at the same place.

Generally, we fall into three categories:

Health and Wellness:  Our primary concern is the ability to feel good and improve the quality of our daily.  We attend three or four group classes a week to grow or maintain our endurance, strength.  We scale the weight or movement to ensure we keep the focus on moving safely and intensely.

Fitness: We use group classes and some additional training in “progressions” in skills or strength to exceed the usual expectations.  We train four to five times a week and often enjoy improving those crossfitty things that set us apart from regular fitness. We seek progress year after year in the OPEN as well as the benefits of feeling and looking better.

Competition:  You have completely bought into “the Sport of Fitness”, guilty as charged. The annual OPEN is a test where we climb as high in the rankings as we can.  Local competitions are fun but in a serious sort of way. We already look and feel better than most of our friends and family but we want to train even harder to shore up any shortfalls in our “game” and be the best we can.

We have been taking steps over the last few months to make our programming more flexible and meet the needs of the full spectrum of current and future members of our tribe.

GROUP CLASSES:  More coaching, teaching and movement prep in every class.  Your coaches want you to get every benefit possible from your time and effort.  In additon, the warm-ups and mobility will create better performance and reduced chances of getting sidelined.

EXTRA CREDIT:  This is the work on strength or a skill that we cannot fit in the hour or is not of interest to every level of athlete. Starting this week there will be included in the daily upload from SugarWOD and can be tracked there as well.

SPECIALTY CLASSES:  This is an area that deserves its own training cycle of six to twelve weeks including specialized instruction and ongoing coaching.  We just recently completed our first Silverback Strong and are preparing a Gymnastics and Running courses as well.

We want to hear your feedback and questions.  Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.