How do you know your not a Turkey?

Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book Antifragile tells the story of the Turkey farm.  From the Turkey’s point of view everything is aces.  He has food in his belly, clean water and a warm place to sleep.  All the available evidence tells the Turkey that everything is great until it abruptly turns not great.  The evidence supports the Turkey’s assumptions that all is grand.  But the Turkey fails to ask the most important question; Why?

Can you spot the Turkey Farm?  You know those exceptions that we make in our life.  They usually come into the conversation but first.  “I would, but I don’t” or “sure other people, but I” applies to how many aspects of our lives.  Ever meet the person completely mystified how their health, relationships or career went off the rails seemingly “out of the blue.”, when it seemed like a matter of time to everyone around them.  The question most often asked as they sit in the wreckage; Why?

We create our own farms. They are not hard to construct, we read the evidence the way that works best for our narrative.  So we need to stop just one second and ask ourselves; are we on a path or a farm?    Look at the decisions, look at the situations, the evidence of our lives through the lens of “why”. When our why, becomes the beacon we navigate from, we have direction and that is a journey.  Can’t find the lens or nothing makes sense through the lens? Lookout Tom, you’re on the farm and November is coming.

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