Changes for the CF OPEN and GAMES

Everything we know so far…SOUNDS REALLY GOOD!

  • IN 2019 THERE WILL BE TWO CROSSFIT OPENS (Feb/March and October)
    • This will only be for 2019 as we transition to the new system with a longer competitive season with more events.
  • The OPEN and it’s five-week format will remain as-is  
  • Individuals can qualify for the games two ways
    • Win your country in the OPEN (Don’t move to Madagascar just yet)
    • Win a “Golden Ticket” at a qualifying event (Granite Games, WODapallooza) 16 in all.  The vision is one every two weeks from the OPEN to the GAMES with real media coverage (Fantasy CrossFit Draft Anyone?)
    • There will be an additional qualifier in Madison the week of the games to get the competition down to a top 20 (say goodbye to Heats 1 and 2)
    • No more “Regionals”.
  • Age divisions will remain the same with an online qualifier after the OPEN
    • Likely a smaller number will go to Madison for each Masters and Teen divisions
  • Teams can be made up of any two men and two women in the world (SUPER TEAMS)
    • Teams can only qualify at sanctioned events and not the OPEN

What does this all mean?  Coach Glassman has cut the expense and bureaucracy, pushed competition back down to the local level and created a CF “season” for more of us to enjoy more often.  I know many of these sanctioned events that for years have had to battle for recognition and relevance as the GAMES grew bigger and bigger. It’s great to see their hard work pay off and the spectacle and fun of competitive CF turned over to them.  We get two cracks at the OPEN nine months apart and we will be taking full advantage of that for both self-improvement and fun.

Author: Matt Phillips

Life-long beginner. Philippians 3:13

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