Programming to fit.

What kind of athlete are you?

Not all of us CrossFit for the same reasons or began thier journey of better health and capability at the same place.

Generally, we fall into three categories:

Health and Wellness:  Our primary concern is the ability to feel good and improve the quality of our daily.  We attend three or four group classes a week to grow or maintain our endurance, strength.  We scale the weight or movement to ensure we keep the focus on moving safely and intensely.

Fitness: We use group classes and some additional training in “progressions” in skills or strength to exceed the usual expectations.  We train four to five times a week and often enjoy improving those crossfitty things that set us apart from regular fitness. We seek progress year after year in the OPEN as well as the benefits of feeling and looking better.

Competition:  You have completely bought into “the Sport of Fitness”, guilty as charged. The annual OPEN is a test where we climb as high in the rankings as we can.  Local competitions are fun but in a serious sort of way. We already look and feel better than most of our friends and family but we want to train even harder to shore up any shortfalls in our “game” and be the best we can.

We have been taking steps over the last few months to make our programming more flexible and meet the needs of the full spectrum of current and future members of our tribe.

GROUP CLASSES:  More coaching, teaching and movement prep in every class.  Your coaches want you to get every benefit possible from your time and effort.  In additon, the warm-ups and mobility will create better performance and reduced chances of getting sidelined.

EXTRA CREDIT:  This is the work on strength or a skill that we cannot fit in the hour or is not of interest to every level of athlete. Starting this week there will be included in the daily upload from SugarWOD and can be tracked there as well.

SPECIALTY CLASSES:  This is an area that deserves its own training cycle of six to twelve weeks including specialized instruction and ongoing coaching.  We just recently completed our first Silverback Strong and are preparing a Gymnastics and Running courses as well.

We want to hear your feedback and questions.  Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.

Author: Matt Phillips

Life-long beginner. Philippians 3:13

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