Good Food + Good Planning = Great

Kellie I

When Kellie Bogardus joined Silverback, she clearly stated her goal to lose one hundred pounds and have it stay off for good.  She explained that over the last decade, she had tried just about everything and had found the most success by eating delicious, real food in moderate amounts, that worked with her life.

I watched her work and work… dedicated to success.  She met her goals…. all one hundred of them and then some.  We spoke often about her process, her wins, and setbacks.  Over time I gained a deep appreciation, not only for her accomplishment but also her measured and thoughtful approach to CrossFit, eating and health.  She didn’t count macros; she completely redefined her relationship with food.

Our Silverback home is now in a place where we can now focus on your complete fitness: An abundant balance of mind, body and spirit so you can live a life you love.

We have tried a number of formats for getting you the best out of your nutrition, with hits and misses.  With a new program we needed to apply these hard-won lessons:

  • Nutrition is foundational in making the changes we want in our bodies and lives.
  • Nutrition requires a dedicated “specialty” coach and programming, just like lifting or gymnastics.
  • A nutrition coach needs to understand not only the numbers but also people.

Following months of in-depth discussion and over twenty hours of online training, I am excited and proud to welcome Kellie as our Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach.  I know she will provide the kind of caring and coaching and I am looking forward to Kellie sharing her experience, guidance and encouraging advice to help you.

This week we will roll out our various options to meet your particular need.

If you just can’t wait schedule a FREE 15-minute phone call or sit down to share your situation and see how she can help you or create a plan to help you reach your goals.

Author: Matt Phillips

Life-long beginner. Philippians 3:13

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