STRONG – Silverback Strong

Strength is the bedrock athletic ability. Silverback Strong is here to build and improve that foundation.

Please say the above like James Bond would introduce himself.

I am thrilled to announce the success of our first Silverback Specialty Course in our new facility.  All the participants in the six and twelve-week program

Significantly increased their strength capacity by

  • Shoring up unilateral shortfalls (that pesky left-right issue)
  • Improved positioning with significant work on midline stability and positioning
  • Maintained their other capacities with a couple of Group Classes as well as four days a week of dedicated strength.

Now for the NEW:

  • Level I:  Two six week sessions make a foundation of strength you need.  Smarter and faster than just “lifting heavier”.  You will work big weights in new ways with advanced techniques to address the week spots and negative tendencies that we all have. ($120 per session)
  • Level II:  After the six or twelve weeks at level one we are ready to add more Olympic Lifting technique and drills, honing our acceleration and power with the barbell and gymnastics. ($120)

Including NEW features:

    • Beginning and ending video and coach analysis
    • Workouts published a week at a time on a private track in Sugar WOD including the instruction videos and the ability to track progress
    • 3 Saturday Seminars –  A hour-long seminar on technique and movement for the major lifts with a singular focus for each class

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Author: Matt Phillips

Life-long beginner. Philippians 3:13

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